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Runway Is Feeling Fabulous Today by primenatorgirl217 Runway Is Feeling Fabulous Today :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 9 0 Phoenix by primenatorgirl217 Phoenix :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 2 2 Badaftimus Prime by primenatorgirl217 Badaftimus Prime :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 26 3 Dark Dawnless Clouds by primenatorgirl217 Dark Dawnless Clouds :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 2 2
Moment's Passing
Metronome heart, beating, beating, beating, fast;
your sweet suncatcher eyes have captured me.
Captured me, like a moment’s snowflake held in pink hot hands,
like the fleeting flash of white-tail in effervescent dawn.
Moon face, doe eyes, rose lips, mirrored in your gaze; I see myself,
the image of a girl, held in high-beams.
Breathing ceases, thought halts; time is but a memory now, a distant, haze-waved dream.
And you hold, and hold; and I wonder will I die, chest thudding, thudding, and no air yet  to breathe…
:iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 1 0
What the Blue Room Held by primenatorgirl217
Mature content
What the Blue Room Held :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 2 2
Peaceful Moments Never Last by primenatorgirl217 Peaceful Moments Never Last :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 28 8 Le Birthday Prime by primenatorgirl217 Le Birthday Prime :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 11 2 Aurora by primenatorgirl217 Aurora :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 4 4
Mature content
Close Encounters--For 1w1w :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 3 1
Glass Castles by primenatorgirl217 Glass Castles :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 34 6
Safe and Sound--Installment III
I don't know why I haven't snuck away yet. I fully intended to do so, the second Optimus turned his back and walked away. I even had myself convinced that it would just be a few laps around base.
That's a lie. It's the strangest feeling. Almost every single part of me longs to be burning rubber, to be tracking through every old stomping ground. To visit every place  where Airachnid got the better of me, out of some pathetic hope she might still be there.
But here I am. Watching moonlight glowing off of the stones that mark Cliff's grave, wondering why in the Pit I'm not doing something actually useful.
I never was one for sitting and thinking. I figure things out on the open road, or even better—off of it. Something about the ground soaring under you, the wind across your armor and the sun on your back—something about that makes it easier to think clearly.
I don't sit and ponder the world like the great philosophers used to, back home. I'm too restle
:iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 40 17
Have A Preview by primenatorgirl217 Have A Preview :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 14 12 Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Femme Commander by primenatorgirl217 Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Femme Commander :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 15 0 If I Just Lay Here by primenatorgirl217 If I Just Lay Here :iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 93 44
is a woman of eyes that sparkle like sunlight on water,
of aprons that swirl and feet fleet enough for dancing.
It is she that makes this house a home,
she who makes us smile and laugh.
It is she who makes me understand
why so many people miss this place.
With a smile on her face, she crowds six sweaty, clumsy teenagers around the table,
and gives us a lesson on tortilla-making.
I can only stare in awe
as her child-sized hands become swift and sure,
snatching perfect orbs of dough out of the shapeless mound without a second thought.
She molds and beats and shapes with ease,
and somehow forms a flawless tortilla in seven seconds,
while I'm still trying to make a ball.
We follow her over to the fire hearth, carrying our misshapen imitations,
and watch as she nimbly lays each dough circle down
on a piece of iron hot enough to sear.
As the tortillas cook, she busies herself making more;
then, completely bare-handed, snatches them up before they can scorch.
I touch a cooling piece
:iconprimenatorgirl217:primenatorgirl217 1 0


what i wouldn't give
to have my body sink down
into yours, cocooned
in the tumultuous quicksand
of human flesh.
i have never been so moved
as by your touch, the slinking seeping
brush. the universe dispels
and in the absence of everything,
i am less alone
than i have ever been.
:iconem-arginated:em-arginated 165 36
Airdate for 'Beast Hunters' REVEALED
According to this
The very first episode of Season Three of Transformers Prime might air on FEBRUARY 15!!!
Don't believe me?
The title of that episode is also reveal. . .
"Lost & Found"
Describtion of the episode. . .UNKNOWN for now. . .
Will we FINALLY know what became of Optimus Prime?
Who thinks he's dead and who thinks he's alive?
PLUS more news on the TFP toys based on "Beast Hunters"
What's your thoughts?!
Now we will finally begin our countdown to the Season Three "Beast Hunters" Premire of "Transformers Prime"!!!
(I hope they don't change the date to late
:icontfp-miko-fans:TFP-Miko-Fans 9 29
Documents, Tagged
I now have all my documents back from my crashed computer, so the next chapter of Fraternizing should come up in a day or two or three, depends on my schedule :D
And.... I've been tagged again :ohmygod:
1. You must post the rules
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons onto your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.
8. You will have to answer these questions with one of your OCs. (the eff? Gah, fine, fine, I'll do it....)
Ah, 5 things about myself....
1)  I have abs
2)  I wear a size 8 shoe
3)  I frequently use "lugnuts" as a mild curse
4)  I like the sweet taste of fruit but hate the slimy
:iconwhozawhatcha:Whozawhatcha 1 10
Optimus Prime Animated 48 x 33,5cm by SALVAGEPRIME8686 Optimus Prime Animated 48 x 33,5cm :iconsalvageprime8686:SALVAGEPRIME8686 10 0 Slenderman by SALVAGEPRIME8686 Slenderman :iconsalvageprime8686:SALVAGEPRIME8686 5 7 Tumultuous Turf by Wisecrack-Idiots Tumultuous Turf :iconwisecrack-idiots:Wisecrack-Idiots 2 0 Ashes to Ashes by Wisecrack-Idiots Ashes to Ashes :iconwisecrack-idiots:Wisecrack-Idiots 1 0 Aurora by Wisecrack-Idiots Aurora :iconwisecrack-idiots:Wisecrack-Idiots 4 2 Alone No More by Wisecrack-Idiots Alone No More :iconwisecrack-idiots:Wisecrack-Idiots 2 0 Creepy by Drkav Creepy :icondrkav:Drkav 830 73
One Human, One Spark 27
Wheeljack sat parked patiently outside of the school building next to Arcee. His hologram sat in the driver’s seat while “Sadie” had been dismissed a while ago. Currently, Arcee was nitpicking at his disguise . . . again.
“Wheeljack,” she said lowly, “I can’t be talking to you! What if someone hears? And you! If they see you talking to thin air, they’ll think you’re crazy!”
Wheeljack arched a brow at her. “That so? Well, here,” and he added a tiny mechanism to his ear and pointed to it. “See? Bluetooth. Now people won’t think I’m crazy.”
When she failed to respond, Wheeljack turned his head and frowned. “What?” Still, there was no answer. “Oh, I see what this is,” he said smartly—or dumbly. “It’s the silent treatment. What I can’t figure out is if it’s because I was being a cheeky bastard or if you’re just scared to talk to me.
:iconwhozawhatcha:Whozawhatcha 34 24
Every Emotion by DreamingDeer Every Emotion :icondreamingdeer:DreamingDeer 37 27 The Oracle At Night by PaulAbrams The Oracle At Night :iconpaulabrams:PaulAbrams 142 33 Summer girl by Marion84 Summer girl :iconmarion84:Marion84 1,817 251 Zayn Malik Drawing 2 by jsanmateo Zayn Malik Drawing 2 :iconjsanmateo:jsanmateo 328 79 Lord Of the Rings Nazgul Witch king of Angmar by ChrisOzFulton Lord Of the Rings Nazgul Witch king of Angmar :iconchrisozfulton:ChrisOzFulton 531 105



So...I hope you all had very nice various holidays. Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah....whatever it is that you celebrate, I hope it went well, and you came away with good thoughts and better feelings. :)
My Christmas, though money was rather tight this year, was one of the better ones to date. I got my mother around for an extra day, went to go see Les Miserables (which is AMAZING) and recieved an incredible sketch kit, two copies of The Hobbit, my very first gun, and a mindblowing leather-bound sketchbook that I could literally write a novel in. Needless to say, I will be putting these gifts to good use. :)

I was entirely NOT expecting the gun. It was my little brother's first gun when he was six, and since it's too small for his freakishly long adolescent arms to handle, he decided he'd give it to me. I think he said it shoots a .22 bullet as a rifle, and it can be converted to a .17 shotgun. As you can see, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to such things, but luckily, my dad is planning on taking us shooting some time this break. Not exactly my weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse--that would so be a katana, thank you--but it's awesome all the same, and the sentimental value honestly makes it that much cooler.

On another note, it's slightly embarrassing/vastly amusing to my family that their sophomore-in-high-school daughter can comfortably handle the rifle they gave their six-year-old son. Short arms. What can you do? I'm starting to feel like that T-Rex from Meet The Robinsons.

GO SEE LES MISERABLES. I swear. I saw The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, and The Hobbit this year, and they're all fantastic. But nothing holds a candle to Les Mis. You can't go wrong with Hugh Jackman AND Russel Crowe in the same movie. Especially not when they're both terrific singers and full of angsty goodness. Fun fact--Catwoman can sing. Really, really well. I will forever picture her whenever I hear "I Dreamed a Dream".

...Yes. Somewhere in the dark, geeky recesses of Transformers fangirling and endless hatred for Spiderman and Luke Skywalker, there is a Broadway child, singing and posing dramatically and pretending she can dance. Shocking and disturbing, I know.

On a different note, can you imagine Megatron being a thespian in Cybertronian high school? :D
  • Listening to: Save Me--Globus
  • Watching: The Hobbit (it's amazing and I'm a Thori
  • Drinking: water (isn't that exciting)


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Sheballamus Prime
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United States
Stamp: Transformers Prime by Araktugage TF Girls stamp by Metallikato Stamp: Puppy Dog Eyes by Araktugage Disco Bee by GeminiGirl83 TFP Optimus stamp by Imber-Noctis TFP Dreadwing stamp by Imber-Noctis :thumb296458528: Shake Those Hips Starscream Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress Team Optimus by SkullsandHeartbones
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Wumbo Stamp by Kataoi MERMAIDMAN AND BARNACLEBOY UNITE! by Galialay Stamp - Spongebob 2 by YukiMizuno

I am NOT a "cookiecutter" girl.
I'm wierd. I have a dark, rebellious, punky side. I get depressed easily. I'm sensitive.
I love sci fi. I play Dungeons and Dragons. I listen to almost any kind of music, from retro to rap to rock and everything in between. I write my own songs and would love to be a singer/songwriter one day. :D I want to do something in the medical field. I love Transformers, District 9, Avatar, Megamind, Despicable Me, almost everything Disney/Pixar/Miyazaki, Batman and Phantom of the Opera. Mostly POTO, D9 and ESPECIALLY Transformers. ;)



:icon1w1w: ~DA mother. :D Also roleplay buddy.
:iconsalvageprime8686: ~Wonderful friend, advice-giver and Optimus fan!
:iconbennodatheninjawolf: ~ Freakin' AWESOME, extremely funny, and has fantastic musical taste.
:iconblondecomicartist: ~ AMAZING artist and very kind friend!
:iconhaloangel21: ~Hilarious, extremely talented, and also obsessed with Optimus/Arcee!
:iconkristenitaprime7: ~ Fanhood twin. :D
:iconoptimusprimelover98: :iconsteelblastareya: :iconmessyartwok: :iconsouthernimagineer: ~ Talented, creative, and often hilarious!

And these are just a few..I love all my friends and watchers on here. :D

I don't take friendships for granted. Good, funny, reliable friends are more precious than gold. :) And I would do anything to protect those friendships.

(cue Meatloaf Again)

And I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE....:iconcrazysoloplz:


I like to make people think. I spit at the feet of willful ignorance, stupidity or hatred, and at those obnoxious androids running their mouths about how I and people like me are freaks for being different and imperfect.

I'm not normal. I'm also really short. Please, tell me something I don't know.
I love being a freak of nature. :D
Sometimes I use big words and write a speech of Optimus Prime quality. Sometimes I say EPIC! too much and speak like a LOLcat. Depends on what's going on.

Don't like what I have to say? DEAL.
Don't like who I am? DEAL.
Don't like my art? DEAL.
Don't like my friends? DEAL.
Because no one else is going to control me. :iconcrazysoloplz: EVER.

It's the stupid teens that give us rebellious young people bad reputations. >.<

Haters gonna hate. Trollers gonna troll. I don't let other opinions rule my life. That's not cowardice--that's stupidity.

The best moments in life are found in the smallest of things.

"You see light dappling on the water and forget the cold, dark deep beneath." ~ Bast (The Name of the Wind)


NO ONE is perfect--we all make mistakes. We all have regrets. We all go through hell at some point. It's part of life. But I believe it happens for a REASON: to make us stronger. Whether you ultimately change for the better or not is your own choice. But no matter what life throws at you, know that there is a purpose for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in this universe. "Accidents" don't exist. The fact that life itself exists is proof.
Fight for belief in yourself. Fight for what you love. Fight for justice, and truth, and all that is right in this world. Because if you don't fight your battles...who will?

"There's a fine line between being a hero, and being a memory."~Optimus Prime

Check out hoodihoo's mindblowing Transformer music vids! THIS GUY IS AWESOME!…
A Few Facts:
I cry a lot.
I'm obsessed with Transformers. Yep. I'm one of 'those'.
I love Batman. But I don't think he's attractive, and I hate Christian Bale's Batman voice.
I enjoy hitting things, painting, hot glue, any and all things steampunk, singing constantly, turning up the base, making fun of self-proclaimed hipsters, utterly sucking at first-person shooter games and kicking all the covers off my bed. I hate looking at any art more than three months old and making my bed in the morning. I will literally run a load in the dryer three times before I actually fold the clothes.
I'm a huge klutz. I hurt myself in embarrassing ways. Fingers in garage doors. Hands slit open on baked bean cans. I once had to get taken for stitches because a rusty broom broke and cut me while I was sweeping.
My other pet peeves include gay jokes, 'kitchen' jokes, Spiderman, those fangirls that ship mortal enemies with each other, Lydocaine, crappy music, pee on the toilet seat and people who use YOLO as an excuse to do everything.

I ship Arcee with Optimus Prime. Haters gonna hate.


Current Residence: The State of Confusion...and Rocket Science.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Adult large/medium
Favourite genre of music: ROCK!!!/techno/orchestral
Favourite photographer: myself?
Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Operating System: ??? Do I look like Soundwave???
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch 4
Shell of choice: purple
Wallpaper of choice: anything Transformers
Skin of choice: Anything metallic.
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime
Personal Quote: Fall down seven times, stand up eight.



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